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Bipolar Joe - over there and back again

Bipolar Survivors

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Contributors from 5 Continents will appear in the film to be shown in cinemas on World Mental Health Day October 10th 2014 – 20% of people with Bipolar commit suicide due to the lack of understanding and stigma imposed by society this leads to shame guilt and fear – all opinions are those of the contributors

Nora-The year I became crazy

January, february I guess I was fine. I was in Turkey because I was in love with a guy. He didn`t want me, I found another. We had amazing times and after I got home I soon went back. To get my bags. But then I saw the first one and I couldn`t stop myself from going back. Even if he only wanted my money. It felt shit, but I couldn`t stop myself. It felt to good just to see him. But my mania slowly started, I was walking the streets screaming in rhymes. Back in Norway I got alot of attention from the boy I liked. Even though it was mostly about money. I got used to the idea. Okay he only wants money. Money I have! Lets have good times :D Read more

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